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Our Dogs

In memory of Buttons - 2003: If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane , I would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

In memory of Mae-Mae for our daughter Abby who loved her more than words could ever say and more than poems ever could express.
As the tides of time pass by , you can look at your dear departed friend not as a loss to your heart but as a star, heaven has gained and you may look at it for as long as you have breath.She has given you many lessons in life , You were there for her birth and there for her when God called her home . She gave much laughter and joy that is never measured by time, only by memories now deep in your heart . She was your best friend, you could talk to her and confide in her and in return she asked nothing and yet gave everything . The gratest gift she gave you was her unconditional love and friendship and all those loving memories and licks on the cheek. In return you gave her peace and the courage to see the light that brought her home again to Gods hands. Till we meet again dear firend I will always treasure your memories and hold them dear to my heart and you will llive forever in Abby's heart and most of mine because you made her happy.
In loving memory of a pet that was held up to the highest regard , trully a loving being.
Love your mom, Becky